Why choose Beaulieu Flooring Solutions?

One-stop shop

Our product choice is as deep as it is wide-ranging. We can help you to choose products based on the appearance, durability, innovation and budget you want. These products are then combined into the best solution for you and your customers.

Focus on innovation

At Beaulieu Flooring Solutions, we are leaders in pioneering innovations. We achieve this because innovation is an integral part of our processes. This involves not only working on new products, but also on improving our partnerships and production efficiency.

Advice from experienced specialists

Everyone at Beaulieu Flooring Solutions has years of experience and comprehensive expertise in flooring. Working with you, they´ll find the right flooring solution for your needs. What´s more, Beaulieu Flooring Solutions has the advantage of combining its research, customer service and project management with multi-product advice, both for distributors and for specific projects.

High level of service

We're at your side during every phase, from advice to delivery and after-sales service. In order to meet and exceed your expectations, we work constantly to improve our transparency, quality and customer management. We also provide fast and precise deliveries at home or abroad, even for very large volumes.

Excellence covered by people

We aim to achieve integrated sustainability. That happens naturally in our production processes because we actively pursue recyclability and the efficient use of energy and raw materials. Furthermore, our approach is based on respect and integrity. Our team of employees plays a crucial role in our group´s success.

Strong partner

Thanks to the strength and scale of the Beaulieu International Group, we can see each project through to a successful conclusion, no matter its size.