Just like real grass

With our latest generation of artificial grass we take man-made grass once again one step closer to nature’s original. Our investments in yarn research have led to new shapes that result in super-realistic looking grass made of very silky but at the same time resilient blades.  We offer the most natural and luxurious feeling you have ever experienced.

Low maintenance

Our artificial grass requires practically no maintenance. An occasional sweep to remove natural debris is enough to keep your lawn clean. Just choose, install and enjoy your artificial lawn.

Extensive product range for multiple applications

Our artificial grass gives any location, indoor or outdoor a unique look and feel. We offer products suitable for both residential as well as professional installations, landscaping or sport applications. Next to our standard range we also offer unique customgrass products allowing you to create designs and logos to fit your needs. Customgrass can be used for branded messages on floors and walls, decoration at trade fairs, playgrounds or even sports fields.

European design and manufacturing

Thanks to our unique vertical integration we are able to control the entire production process, from design over yarn extrusion to manufacturing and distribution of the final product. Our unique, multi-tone color combinations and premium-quality materials contribute to the creation of the perfect artificial grass products that you will enjoy, day in day out, without any hassle.

All formats

We supply our grass in any format you like. All our products are available in standard rolls, coupons and cut-to-size.


Our high quality comes with an extended warranty period. Among other things, this warranty covers discoloration and UV degradation of the fibers.

Projects with other flooring